How can I change my account email?

To change your account email is very simple!


First of all, you must access your Hurb account using your email and password. 

Then, click on "Personal info".

After that, you'll see a page exhibiting your personal information as your name, birth date etc.

Below, you'll find a section called "Contact and Privacy" where you'll be able to see your current email and a button "Change email".




When you click on that button, you'll have to insert your password, the new email twice and confirm!



PS.: It's not possible to have two accounts with the same email, therefore this change will only be done if the new email doens't already have an Hurb account.


If you don't have access to your account because you lost your email, your can contact us and our Consultants will help you <3 Click here to know how.

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