How can I cancel my order?

Here at Hurb it's very simple: you can do everything online!

Follow the step by step below to make your online cancellation:

1) Log into your account on our website and click on the tab “My orders”.


2) There you will have to click on “Cancellation Options”.


3) To cancel and transfer the amount you paid into Hurb Credits, click on “Credits”. They are available for you to purchase any offer from our website within 1 year. Isn't it great?

To cancel and get the refund in your credit card, click on “Refund”.

The cancellation rules can be checked along with the cancellation deadlines to Hurb Credits and refund.



4) After that, you can inform the reason for your cancellation and click on “Confirm” or, if you prefer, just click on “Skip”. 



5) Read carefully the infos about your cancellation and finish your request clicking on “Request cancellation”. 


Done! Easy, right? Your order will be cancelled within the informed deadline and you will receive all updates by email! 

If you still have any doubts just contact us through one of the following channels so that our travel consultants can assist you with your cancellation request! 


You can access it through the chat button on the lower-right corner of this page. We are here for you 24/7!


Would you like to send us an email?  You can contact us through You’ll get a reply as soon as possible.

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