Which service does the invoice I receive from Hurb correspond to?

Hurb provides all our Travelers with an intermediary service when booking hotel rooms owned and/or operated by a Hurb Partner, for which a commission is due (the amount of which is included in the final price provided on our website or app). After making the reservation, Hurb will issue and send you an invoice for this intermediation service, in accordance with the legislation in force in Portugal.


When will I receive the invoice for the accommodation services?

After the check-out, you will receive the invoice issued by the hotel regarding the accommodation services provided, including any taxes and fees due in the country in which the hotel is located.

To the extent that accommodation services can only be effectively provided by hotels, Hurb won’t, and can’t, issue any invoices for these services. Therefore, at the time of check-out, you must request the hotel the invoice related to the services provided by them. We cannot be held responsible in case this invoice is not requested and/or made available.

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