How do I book a hotel?

Booking a hotel with Hurb is really easy! Take a look at the step-by-step below:

1) On the search bar located on Hurb’s homepage, type the hotel name or the city you want to go, followed by the check-in and check-out dates or if you prefer click on “Didn’t decided yet” and select the number of rooms and guests.


2) Once you clicked on “Search”, if you typed in the search field the name of the establishment, the page will show the chosen accommodation. If you searched for the city, we will show you all the available options for that destination. Then, select the desired hotel to see its description and extra information.


3) On the hotel page, you’ll find some information about the selected establishment, such as the address, pictures, available services, cancellation policy and much more! 


4) On this same page, if you have already set the reservation date, number of rooms and guests, this will be automatically filled up, otherwise just fill in and click on "Verify".


5) After that you may choose one of the available rooms for the period you’ve chosen. Select how many rooms you want for that reservation and then click on “Book now!”.


6) We’re almost there! On the checkout page you just need to fill some info and click on “Pay”. Oh, and if you have Hurb Credits or a discount coupon, don't forget to use it! \o/


After completing the purchase you will receive a confirmation email and your booking information will also be available in the customer area on our website. You just need to log in your account and go on the tab “My Trips”. 

You can also book a hotel by contacting us, we have an amazing Team to help you! 


You can access our online chat at the chat button at the right bottom of the page! We work every day, 24/7.



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