What are the payment methods accepted by Hurb?

We offer 2 different payment methods:

Credit card

It is the most used method for shopping on our website and is valid for all offers. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Dinners and Amex. 


This is the newest payment method here at Hurb! Paypal is a digital wallet where you add your credit cards and they are saved there, making it easier and faster to purchase! To use it just access your Paypal account with your username and password, on our Hurb payment page, and choose which card you want to use!

  • This payment method is fast and in a few clicks you finish your purchase;
  • It's simple! You do not need to have all your cards physically, just remembering your username and password you can access your digital wallet and make your purchase;
  • Security comes first because your financial data is protected by Paypal and is not shared!
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