How can I change my password?

If you forgot or lost your password, don't worry! Just follow the step by step below:

1) Access Hurb’s website and click on "Log in” on the upper right corner.

2) Then just click on “Forgot your password?

3) You must fill in the field with the email that you used to book and then click on "Send".

4) Then you will receive an email to reset your password! Just copy the access code and click on the "Create new password" button.

5) Then just enter the access code and set your new password. Attention: you only have 3 attempts to enter the correct code. After 3 errors, it will be necessary to perform this step by step again from the beginning.

6) After creating your new password you will be automatically redirected to the page to access your Hurb account.


Done! Just log in with your email and this new password <3

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